Welcome to the 2016 Estuary Vessel Management website!



It’s been a really fascinating and satisfying first few years, doing what we’ve always loved – messing about in boats! Mind you, we never seem to get time for our own these days!

We are lucky in that we’ve made some really great friends from our lovely customer base, and long may that continue!



From a bubble bath to a full inside and out valet, we care for your boat and keep her value as high as possible. Teak deck scrubs a speciality – and to be honest, there’s nothing like the feeling of stepping aboard your boat when she’s looking her best!

We offer washes and valet, power washes and mechanical polishing using professional grade machinery.

Please see the gallery or our blog for examples of just what a difference a good clean can make!

Sail and Rigging

We will remove, clean and arrange for cost effective repairs to all your sails, and then put them back on the boat ready for your next trip out.

We aim to get the sail off, repaired or valeted extremely quickly and efficiently, often during between weekends to ensure you are ready for the next weekend sail.

Boat movements and work management

Sometimes, t’s a fact of life that your boat needs to be somewhere else! This might be for specialist work to be done in a different boatyard, or it might be that you’d like to enjoy your boat in a different part of the coat or indeed abroad but don’t have the time to deliver her. This is where EVM can help. As qualified and insured skippers, we will put your boat exactly where she needs to be.

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